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Flow Water Fountain 3D Puzzle (Android & IOS)

Flow Water Fountain 3D Puzzle (Android & IOS) is a puzzle game that allows you to train your mind by applying logic to solve puzzles. The objective is to guide water of different colors to their respective fountains by placing the different pieces or channels in the right positions. The game features 1,150 levels that start with basic difficulty and gradually increase in difficulty to reach extremely challenging levels.

The game is currently divided into 5 parts:

  • Classic: Allows you to play levels from Basic (the easiest) to Mix, with more challenging puzzles in Master, Genius and Maniac.

  • Pools: Includes more challenging puzzles with fountains of different sizes.

  • Springs: Features puzzles with mechanisms that require players to activate or deactivate certain mechanisms to guide the water to its destination. To activate the mechanisms, players must make the water pass through certain pieces that have yellow holes at their entrances.

  • Mech: Includes puzzles with more complicated mechanisms. Players can activate the mechanisms by placing white pieces on the pieces with a circle on top.

  • Jets: Includes puzzles with mechanisms that activate and deactivate water jets to help players guide the water to its destination. The game also includes Night levels where players must guide the water to illuminated fountains of different colors.

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